HINTS English

RBH #001  S-tylistic-ERA:  “Ohhh – hurry up and use one of the ropes to save the flower.
Its kept imprisoned  in a  very dark castle, but it has a wonderful view onto the seven seas”

RBH #002  GuTi Follow the signs!

RBH #003  Fabulous Finds:  Walk through me

RBH #004   Maria’s House & Garden Center Find 4 gifts in this location (yes…4!)  Follow the floor paths and signs.

RBH #005  Ethereal Nature Collaborative Palm Trees @ Christmas?  Look for the floor paths to find the (very big!) flower!

RBH #006  Garden Oasis Hint Giver at landing point

RBH #007  Bliss Garden Center:  Fantasy trees are lovely..

RBH #008  Paradise Waterfalls:  Follow the signs!

RBH #009  Plant Petalers: It’s a real beauty.

RBH #010   LSDesigns The sign points the way!

RBH #011    Jorja’s Garden Centre Follow the signs and make a wish!

RBH #012  Xeena’s Garden Centre – Flowers need shelter too!

RBH #013  Dee’s Greenthumb Florist & Greenhouse:  If I had a ROSE for every time I thought of you, I’d be picking roses for a lifetime.

RBH #014  Open-StylE:  The white angel shows his love to that flower with two big red hearts,
but the flower already felt in love with a green monster and prefers a fairytale wedding.
So the flower hided away and left the lonely white angel, gazing after it.

RBH #015  Green and Wild Garden Centre: By the fountain

RBH #016  Life is a Rose: Adorn yourself from your head to your toes in roses…  look up a little and your prize awaits.

RBH #017  Gairdin na Sidhe:  Thirsty for beauty? Have a cup of English Breakfast or White Symphony or Empress Gray… Come closer, to smell the delicate bouquet of Royal Bloom.

RBH #019  Trompe Loeil:  Trompe Loeil Greenhouse isn’t that big, but there are lots of flowers – make sure you check all the flower beds for the Royal Blooms giveaway!

RBH #020  B & D Designs:  Don’t weep! Our gift is easy to find, especially if you’re in the mood for a picnic!

RBH #021  Crazy Garden: “Garden garden sim, Lake, sunflowers.”

RBH #023  Beachcomber’s: “on a sand island near the waves”

RBH #025  Snook’s Garden Centre:  Monet Painted these

RBH #026  Corry’s Attick:  Visit both sides of our store and find the gift in the MIDDLE

RBH #028  Angelic Designs:  “Do you know where the wild roses grow   So sweet and scarlet and free?’

RBH #030  Gypsy Cottage Greenhouse Shoppe:  Under the bright rainbow of flowers waits your gift


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